At HKN34 Group is a well reputed construction equipment’s and plastic sheet manufacturer in Turkey. We have developed and fine-tuned the extrusion techniques for construction equipment’s and plastic sheets since the 60’s. We have developed the professional knowledge over many years, the machinery resources, the feel for quality and the willingness to always do a good job. Our experience ensures that you receive a product which satisfies your needs.

Good product quality is our primary target to be a good supplier, but this is not enough. Thanks to the cooperation with our customers and suppliers we have learnt the meaning of high flexibility, delivery precision and good service in order to build trust and long term relations.

Today HKN34 Group is one of the leading constructing equipment’s and extruders of plastic sheets in Europe. But that is not good enough. Every day we strive for becoming better by developing new materials, new quality specifications and taking care by lowering our environmental impact. All in order to become and to remain your best long term partner.

Today we are 250 employees working at HKN34 plant and we are represented in 30 different countries. Our turnover is ca 800 MSEK.

Our production

Our one production facility in Turkish Republic. We have 15 extrusion lines to produce the construction equipment’s and plastic sheets and the multiwall products.

Quality and flexibility are two key words for our production. Our production is usually based upon customer specific orders. We strive for speed by quick changeover of shifts between production runs. We try to meet the specific needs of each customer in terms of product, packaging, pallet size and delivery method. HKN 34 Plast we have the process knowledge how to extrude plastic sheets.

ISO 9001-2008